Stemming from the Greek “theos” and “ergon”, the word Theurgy can mean “divine work” or “working with the divine”. Theurgy has flourished in all cultures and ages. It is the primordial call towards which the human being turns when he or she needs to open a path to divinity.
    The Semitic tradition recognizes three paths (the visible, the invisible and the one able to link dimensions) and three instruments: the form / writing, the vibration / voice, and the power to relate / the number. The use of these paths allows the elements of Creation to acquire name, meaning, and to be interwoven in the web of life. The teurgical practitioner is the one who wisely uses these instruments with the permission of God.

    The Sufi tradition originating from Dhul-Nun al Misri's school (Ikhmim, Upper Egypt 796- 859), collected by Ibn Masarra (Córdoba, 883-931) and by Ibn Arabi himself (Murcia, 1165-1240) in his "Futuhat al-makkiya"(Revelations of Mecca), mentions that when Allah, praise be to him, created Adam, appointed him as his caliph (viceregent) in Creation, thus placing him above angels and jinn. Like every king, Adam was endowed with a throne (articulate language), a scepter (the science of writing), and a crown (thescience of numbers). Allah, by endowing these three instruments to the human being guaranted the ruling of Creation and the fulfillment of His work through theurgical means.

    Ibn-Arabi, studies the miracle of the creative Word (Kun), how it adapts and becomes denser and accessible to the sensible world. Ibn-Arabi consideres the incarnation of the creative Word as the Revelation itself, thus Nature manifests it by presenting an exact correspondence between the 28 mansions of the Moon and the 28 letters (shape, sound and number) of the Arabic alphabet.

    "The letters were not fashioned to signal the mansions -dwelling positions- of the Moon, but on the contrary, the lunar mansions were created to house the 28 letters"

    "Gold represents the soul in its original and healthy state. Lead represents its diseased state. The true essence of lead is gold"

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