Mixture of Mercury and sulfur, base of the philosopher's stone,

    which had the virtue of transforming metals into gold and silver.

     Origin of the word “elixir”

    This Museum aims to promote the history of Alchemy and to contribute to the dissemination of a path of transformation that is still alive.


    The Alchemy Museum is part of a project to recover and keep alive Andalusian heritage which Salma Al Farouki started in Córdoba, together with her husband Roger Garaudy, setting up the Torre de la Calahorra Museum project, inaugurated in 1987. Alchemy is: "Science and Art", the alchemist, knowing the forces of Nature, rhytmic and the hidden meaning within, tries to mirror the perfection of Unity, beyond the apparent multiplicity of the world.

    The museum brings into the spot-lightYabir Abu Omar the figure of Yabir Abu Omar (Jaén, 1953-2009), philologist and spagyrist master in his public life, alchemist and theurgy practitiones in his private circle, who at the end of the twentieth century reintroduced in Granada the spagyric knowledge of traditional Al Andalus and established the "Sothis School of Espagyria".

    O day, arise! The atoms are dancing.
    Thanks to Him the universe is dancing.
    The souls are dancing, overcome with ecstasy.
    I'll whisper in your ear ... where their dance is taking them.
    All the atoms in the air and in the desert know well, they are in a frenzy.
    Every single atom, happy or miserable... becomes
    enamoured of the Sun.
    Of which nothing can be said (...)
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